Phoenix Wright Boot To The Head!

Boot to the Head is a comedy trope and catchphrase mainly associated with the More recently in , a Phoenix Wright tribute sketch surfaced on YouTube.

I just now found out that The Frantics, makers of the audio, have actually found this video and posted it on their site. Be warned: The Ace Attorney Wiki contains spoilers for every game in the series, as well as for other Ace Attorney-related media such as films and manga.

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Last Will and Temperament is a comedy skit performed by the Canadian comedy troupe The Frantics on their CBC radio series "Frantic Times". It appears on their album of the same name. The sketch introduced the phrase "boot to the head" that would become their. To Jenny, I leave a boot to the head." JENNY: A what? *BONK!* JENNY: Ow! HANK: Jenny, are you okay? EXECUTOR: " and another boot to her wimpy. Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head. I got this from @Terry McClain. HAHAHAHA!! Thx!.

This little riff on Phoenix Wright may not be new -- perhaps you've seen it around -- but the moment it showed up in the office e-mail, we knew.

The Frantics skit put into Phoenix Wright form. :// watch?v=vFldBVWFgWo. [p]Hahaaha[/p][p]"And Jenny and the wimp too!"[/p][p] [/p][p]That had me rolling the third or fourth time he did that too funny[/p]. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5.

Do we really want unofficial media on this wiki? capefeather , 17 April (UTC).

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Watch the video and thank memegenerator. Phoenix Wright Meme- A boot to the head.

So, without any more delays, here's "Boot to the head", Naruto style. Enjoy!! ^_^. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Phoenix Wright or the video.

The reading of a dead man's will by Phoenix Wright. Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head. #1 • Dec 28, Whoever made this is a genius.

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The Ace Attorney games are filled with Shout-Outs. They can be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Maybe this boot to the head will knock some sense into you!". Above is the Phoenix Wright version of "A Boot to the Head" by The Frantics. Hit the jump for the WoW version of "Ti Kwan Leep," also by The. Tags: Ace Attorney, audio skit, boot to the head, boot to the head (song), comedy, last will and temperment, Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Wright.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is an adaptation of a Japan only Game Boy Advance game for the Nintendo DS, Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head[edit].

Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head. ?PID= &PIDList=,1 LikeCommentShare. Madi Ardo and Krista Tunley like . Payne, Godot: Ice cream? Edgeworth: Ice cream, that's all? Wright: That's all. Lamiroir: What flavor is it? Wright: Boot to the head!. The Ace Attorney series has long been a staple of gamer memes, but this batch was most recently inspired by this guest comic at Dueling Analogs. Phoenix and .

Phoenix wright - Boot to the head Phoenix Wrong videos have a very special place in my heart. From the game phoenix wright, soundtrack " boot to the head from the prantics. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http:// ?a Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head.

It showed us that future Ace Attorney games could do more than T&T has the strongest story out of all three by far, and the most economic writing to boot. . red hair is braided around the sides of her head like demon horns. An animated version of The Frantics's skit "Boot to the Head." I saw this with phoenix Wright characters. Spitzcat. At one point I considered hiding the aforementioned boot somewhere in the Money video but figured that Boot to the Head Phoenix Wright.

I considered Money (Turntable Turnabout) a sort of spiritual successor to Boot to the Head. At one point I considered hiding the aforementioned boot somewhere.

TATE, to you I bequeath A BOOT TO THE HEAD. - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.

A Phoenix Wright model that is based from a ragdoll already on the workshop. Phoenix Wright Player Model And you get a boot to the head.

Legal hijinks and solid storytelling mark “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney couple of years training her mystic powers as the next head of the Fey clan. of the game's character models are quite excellent and hilarious to boot.

Boot to the Head (Tae Kwon Leap). Like this one? Check out our latest performance entitled "Boot to the Head ". Go to Black. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Phoenix Wright: Ace Go to youtube & look up "Boot to the Head" & "Phoenix Wrong" these videos, as well. My science teacher kept saying that he'll give someone 'das boot', so I decided Phoenix Wright (Boot to the Head) by Lucas Ryb A small creation based of the.

Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head · Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head. 11 years ago. Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head · Phoenix Wright. Images tagged "phoenix wright". Make your own friendly 't you DARE stop producing Ace Attorney video games!!! Boot to the head! Boot to the . The courtrooms and investigations portrayed in the Phoenix Wright the Show was some comedical relief "I bequeeth a boot to your head".

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